Written by Ryan Nimer, a BYU student, studying a volume of scripture known as the Pearl of Great Price, which is written by prophets; members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “Mormons” revere it as sacred text. This post comes from a book within the Pearl of Great Price known as The Book of Moses; it is an extraction from the translation of the Bible as revealed to Joseph Smith the Prophet, June 1830—February 1831.

God the Father is the Literal Father of Our Spirits

Mormon Learning About God the Father

Throughout time people have asked and still ask: what is the purpose of life? One of the wonderful things about the restored gospel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the “Mormon” Church), is that we have the answer to this question. Although the purpose of life encompasses a few important principles, one of the most significant realizations needed to understand this purpose is that we are children of God, our Heavenly Father. One of the Great Old Testament prophets Moses was visited by the Lord and taught about his relationship to God. As we learn about Moses’ experience we can understand more about our purpose in life and our relationship to God as well.

In a book of scripture known as the Pearl of Great Price (book of scripture revered as sacred by “Mormon” members), Moses chapter 1, the Lord visited Moses and told him specifically that he was a son of God and that he had a work to do (See Moses 1: 4-5). With this insight, Moses learned that he was connected to God the Father as his son and that God expected Moses to perform a work. We are just like Moses, children of God, with things that the Lord expects us to learn and do. The Lord showed Moses the creation of the world and all the children of men, helping him understand that God knows all the people of the world and has a plan for each of them (See Moses 1:8). We can take comfort in knowing that the Father really does know each and every one of us and that he has a plan for us that is bigger than we can comprehend. Moses’ experience of being visited by the Lord taught him that “man is nothing” and that the Lord is all-powerful and it requires spiritual eyes and power to comprehend God’s glory. We too can know that God the Father is all-powerful and that we must increase our spiritual knowledge and power to comprehend Him more fully.

After this experience, Satan visited Moses commanding him to worship him. Since Moses knew the power of God and that he was His son, he was able to recognize that Satan was trying to deceive him. Moses remembered he was a son of God the Father and cast Satan out (See Moses 1:21). We too can gain a stronger testimony of our relationship with God and be able to overcome Satan’s temptations in our own lives.

What a great blessing it is to know our true relationship with our Heavenly Father and to be able to receive spiritual guidance in our lives, like Moses knew and applied. I know that as we strive to develop our relationship with God our Father we will gain spiritual power. We will learn more about the purpose for our life on earth, and that we can withstand the temptations of the adversary that come our way.

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