Gardening in Mongolia?

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The two facts most people know about Mongolia are that the weather is brutal and the people are nomadic.  The temperatures on the plains dip below zero every winter, and then there’s the wind chill.  The last thing people think of when they think about Mongolia is gardening.  But for the past two years, Deseret International Charities has partnered with all of the Mormon wards (congregations) and branches (even smaller congregations) in Mongolia to provide seeds, tools, gardening manuals and training to members of the Church in their local units. More than 400 LDS families throughout Mongolia are participating in the garden project. [1Mormon Gardening]

One member expressed gratitude for the seed potatoes, tools and gardening manual she received from the Church/DIC’s Garden Project.  For many Mongolian gardeners, watering has been a challenges.  Some have shallow wells, but others haul water for their gardens.  Still, the abundance of produce has increased the health of the participants.

“Sister Javzandulam’s garden is her only source of income. She said, “Planting is easy, but selling is hard.” She rents a truck to transport her produce to the big city of Ulaanbaatar so she can sell produce there. In order to store her remaining produce, she dug a large hole in the ground on her property. Last winter, she placed the produce and hold-over seeds in the hole and erected a ger (yurt) over it. This served as a root cellar and kept her produce and seeds from freezing. In addition to a garden of vegetables, Javzandulam planted beautiful flowers to adorn her home. Her dedication to her garden sets a great example for her friends of the benefits of home gardening.”

Some gardeners have erected greenhouses with plastic walls.  Others have built fences to keep out livestock.  Others have learned to collect and recycle rainwater.  Some have created gardens in grow-boxes, while others furrow the ground or create hills for vegetables.  Lush, large gardens have been a blessing for all the participants in the project.


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  1. Carol Lasson says:

    The complete article that this information was taken from is published at:

    Your last sentence is inaccurate. You concluded, “Lush, large gardens have been a blessing for all the participants in the project.” Some of the participants of DIC’s project have been blessed with lush, large gardens, but not ALL. Many are still learning how to garden. Hopefully, those who are still learning will follow the example set by the master gardeners.

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